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Ways in which a Vocational Expert for Divorce can Help You

During divorce, having a vocational expert is of great value since they can really be of great assistance to you. In cases where you are facing a divorce and you are earning more income than your spouse or let’s say your spouse has not been working for a long time, you will need to consider getting help from a vocational expert. They will help you avoid paying a high amount of alimony, child support fees or maintenance fees. These people are professionals in such cases. They are of great assistance in legal separation cases too. They will be of great help in building up cases against the other party. This article aims to look at several ways in which these professionals are of great assistance.

They are able to impute income to your spouse. This is very important since if your spouse claims that they need alimony and maintenance, the vocational experts can prove that your spouse can indeed provide for themselves but they are choosing not to. They are very supportive on child support cases too. It is the work of the vocational expert to ensure that they calculate on basis of your gross income and help reduce the amount of child support you are parting with.

They have the required skills and knowledge to assist them do an analysis of the individual skills and the transferability of those skills according to the current job market. You will need to give them a copy of your spouses resume so that they can check on their past job history. They will then look at how long your spouse has been employed and what her salary has been. You are required to provide all the information you have regarding your wife so that the vocational expert can look at it. This includes even the tax records to show her salaries for the past few years.

It is then the duty of the vocational expert to arrange a meeting with your spouse to get a good idea of her qualifications. They are also going to do an occupational test just to find out where the spouse is in their career at the moment. You might face some challenges from the opposing party since not all times they will agree to cooperate. The vocational expert will ask some few questions to help them get information which they can use during their interviews. This then will help the vocational expert to prepare a report which they will present to the court regarding what the spouse could potentially be earning.

Courts are important since they have all the information regarding the person. They will examine all the presented documents, their salaries, their work history and discuss among the judges. After they come to a consensus, they will then give the go ahead on what should be done. Ensure that you look for a trained vocational expert one who will assist you swiftly. They should have a physical location where you can meet up and provide information when need be.

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