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Why Split Air Conditioners Need to Be Serviced

Whether you have a commercial or residential split AC system, it will require regular maintenance. A professional service technician will be able to check and maintain your unit to ensure that it is running smoothly. Having your unit serviced regularly can help extend the life of your unit.

The first step to keeping your split AC system working properly is to make sure that it is clean and free from dust and debris. These items can accumulate over time and can affect the cooling efficiency of the unit. The air filter should also be cleaned regularly. This will ensure that your unit is operating efficiently and you are not paying for unnecessary repairs.

If you have a split AC system, you may notice that it is not cooling as well as it once did. This could be a sign that the air filter is dirty or there is a leak in the refrigerant. This is a common problem during the hot summer months. A qualified service technician can determine the problem and perform a thorough cleaning of your unit.

An air conditioning service will be able to clean the evaporator coil and condenser fan. A technician will also check your unit’s coolant level to ensure that it is not running low. A leak in the refrigerant can cause the coolant to begin to deplete. Having a professional technician do the servicing will ensure that you do not have to pay for expensive repairs later on.

Air conditioning services also check and clean other key components of the unit. You may want to have the system serviced in autumn if you want to avoid problems during the summer. A qualified technician will also clean the air filter, and make sure that the air filter is not blocking the airflow.

If you need your split AC system serviced, you should call a reputable contractor to do the work. You may want to find a contractor who does the work locally to get better pricing. If you have had the unit serviced recently, you may be able to recommend a local contractor.

An air conditioning service technician will also check and clean the condenser fan blades. This is a crucial component of the unit, and a technician will clean it to ensure that it is running efficiently. A leak in the refrigerant can cause the system to run out of refrigerant, and may result in the system losing its cooling ability.

Air conditioning services also check the condenser for dust and mold. Mold can grow on the coil, and may require a professional chemical treatment. A technician will also clean the inside of the unit to remove dust and dirt. This will help prevent mold from growing on your unit.

A technician will also clean the evaporator coil to ensure that it is running efficiently. The condenser coil is located in the outdoor unit. This unit is connected to the indoor unit by copper tubing.

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